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Online behaviour

What are the expectations for learning via our online platforms?

For year meetings to work successfully online we all need to cooperate. Just like in regular school, there are expectations that we all must meet so that everyone can enjoy positive learning experiences online. The following points will help you participate in your Year Meeting in the best possible way.

●   If you enable your camera, make sure you are dressed appropriately.

●   Don’t turn your camera on if you are in your bedroom.

●   Keep your microphone muted unless invited to ask a question. Your Year Advisers will start the meeting with everyone’s microphone automatically muted. This is important otherwise nobody can hear anything.

●   DO NOT give the meeting codes to anyone who is not in your grade or does not attend at our school. This is vital to keeping the meeting space safe.

●   Please don’t spam the chat. This means only using the chat to ask sensible, relevant questions. If you fill the chat with emojis and ‘hellos’ to your friend important questions can get lost and not addressed.

●   No swearing, no teasing, no being mean. It’s all about RESPECT. If it wouldn’t be ok at school it isn’t okay online.