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ABC Heywire

Heywire puts young Australians at the centre of the conversations that shape their communities. The ABC has run the annual regional youth project in partnership with the Australian Government since 1998.

Dear CRIS (Connecting Rural and International Students) encourages regional students to write letters, linking them with peers from different backgrounds and cultures.

Why letters? Many communities in regional Australia still lack reliable internet access. Plus, letters are tactile and personal so they are a great way to help students make a meaningful and personal connection with someone they haven't met, all while improving literacy skills.

The Dear CRIS program connects two groups of students from different backgrounds. 

Through the exchange of regular letters, students share their lives and experiences, discussing topics that are important to them. They are encouraged to look at national and global issues through the lens of their new friendship.

This literacy program is proving highly successful. Our students enthusiastically write and receive letters from their pen pals in rural Australia.

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