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Top Blokes

The Top Blokes Foundation aims:

  1. to raise awareness about male issues and strategies that can be applied to improve the development of young male health and well-being

  2. to inspire young males to reach their full potential through peer-inspired environments, increasing their social inclusion and healthy peer relationship

  3. to ensure Australian young men have access to personal development and volunteer opportunities

  4. to increase the positive representations of young men within the community and media.

The initiative involves working with boys over 3 to 6 months to increase their resilience, empathy and respect for self and others. Mentoring programs are delivered by qualified and experienced youth workers who aim to develop critical-thinking and decision-making skills, as well as normalise a definition of masculinity beyond "strong" and "stoic" to improve young men's relationships with themselves and those around them.

Research shows that significant improvements occur when a young male has a long-term engagement with a positive role model.  

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