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Excellence in education

Excellence in academic growth

Sir Joseph Banks High School is the highest growth high school in the state between Years 9-12. This means that every child, no matter what their level or stage of learning, improves at a greater rate than any other high school in NSW. Our literacy and numeracy programs have been acknowledged for excellence at state level.

Passionate teachers, partners in learning

Every student is known, valued and cared for. Our staff are highly trained educators who focus on ‘how to learn’. Acknowledged as best practise in student advocacy, we know that our students prosper and grow. Teachers work alongside our students and develop authentic ‘partnerships in learning’.

Empowerment through opportunity

Quality partnerships with community groups, TAFE, the business sector through ABCN, all major universities and the local vocational education network extend a broad network of opportunities for every student’s interests, abilities and skill level. For the last 3 years every student on an ATAR pathway has been accepted into university.

Every child matters

Our school is a positive, welcoming learning environment where every child is known, valued and cared for. Students are mapped on the literacy and numeracy continuums and their learning is closely monitored to optimise potential and growth.

Leaders of futures learning 

Our future focused learning spaces, with state of the art facilities, empower students to be critical thinkers, collaborators and leaders of their own creativity. Our STEAM innovators (teachers) immerse learners in a world of endless possibilities, where they can inquire, explore and innovate.

Our community, our commitment

We are proud to be part of a connected, student focused community of schools. Our commitment is to continue to lead our learning community and deliver an outstanding educational experience.

Post-school pathways for everyone

We provide our students with authentic post school pathways that set them up for success in their chosen field. Every student leaves our school with a clearly defined and supported future pathway.