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What is STEAM?

STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics. STEAM is important because it pervades every part of our lives. Science is everywhere in the world around us. Technology is continuously expanding into every aspect of our lives. Engineering is an example of the application of maths, science and technology. Art and design are poised to transform our economy in the 21st century just as science and technology did in the last century. Mathematics is in every occupation, every activity we do in our lives.

STEAM integrates multiple disciplines to provide opportunities to see how concepts relate to life. It is not a stand-alone subject, rather a group of subjects that work together. STEAM activities provide hands-on and minds-on lessons for students.

A centre of excellence for STEAM

Our Learning Hub is acknowledged as a centre of excellence for STEAM. It is an important part of our future focused approach to learning. The Hub is well resourced with physical technologies and teacher expertise to deliver innovative and engaging STEAM programs. As a connected classroom, students engage in video conferencing and virtual excursions that meet globalisation and online engagement demands of 21st century education.

Teachers and students are encouraged to create, tinker and innovate. They engage and participate in the following to develop their critical and creative thinking skills:

  • lego robotics
  • micro robotics
  • arduino
  • sphero
  • makey makey
  • 3D printing.

STEAM programs

STEAM start

Our STEAM start program is for all Year 7 and 8 students. The program is run through different subjects and explores STEAM topics related to that subject. Students engage in a variety of activities designed to develop their creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and technology skills.


As part of our STEAM program, students from Years 7–10 are given opportunities to explore robotics. Robotics is a great way to get students excited about STEAM and to engage them in complex, strategic problem-solving. It introduces students to concepts and skills that are needed for understanding the highly interactive information-based technology of the future. Robotics develops students' critical and computational thinking skills and is an effective way to introduce programming to students.

A robot is a mechanical device that can be programmed to follow a set of instructions. Robots have processing units, sensors to help them perceive things in the surrounding environment, and motors and actuators so that they can move. Robots may also have the added programmable functionality of lights, sounds or speech recognition.

Maker Masters 

Maker Masters is a STEAM-based, on-going program where students work on challenges at their own pace. A range of challenges are set at different levels to complete. This program aids students in developing a range of skills, including critical thinking, problem solving and creativity.

The categories our Maker Masters challenges could include: 

  • electricity
  • paper engineering
  • lego
  • robotics
  • construction

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