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Australian Business and Community Network (ABCN)


The Australian Business and Community Network (ABCN) is a not for profit organization that brings together large corporations including the Commonwealth Bank, Optus, JP Morgan and Ernst & Young, as well as many other highly regarded firms, to assist young people in schools like ours. The programs they provide enrich learning and broaden life experience.


GOALS (Growing Opportunity and Learning Skills) is a one-to-one mentoring program designed to widen the life choices and aspirations of students in Year 9 and encourage them to complete high school. Many students have little opportunity to network outside their immediate community and are often lacking in professional role models who can demonstrate or encourage a variety of career options. The focus of GOALS is to raise awareness of the wider personal, educational and vocational choices available to maintain student engagement at school and encourage the completion of Year 12 and further tertiary study. Students are matched with a corporate mentor who has shared interests and experiences. They work in groups and individually in sessions that include goal setting, communication, managing finance and preparation for the workforce.

The GOALS program has been running at Sir Joseph Banks High School for many years with great success.

ABCN Focus

The ABCN Focus program seeks to provide young women with the essential leadership skills they need to engage in a successful, meaningful career. The program typically targets young women from Years 10,11 and 12. Participants are students who already demonstrate leadership potential.

Focus involves students working in small groups with female executives who act as role models and mentors. It aims to support young women to develop their leadership skills and aspire to senior roles in business and the community.

ABCN Aspirations

Aimed at Year 11 students, the Aspirations program is about raising student aspirations and employability skills.

ABCN InRoads 

InRoads is for Year 12 students interested in entry level jobs in technology and business admin.