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Awards and recognition

We are proud of the awards and recognition that we have recently received. These acknowledge our passion, dedication and innovation in ensuring our students achieve great learning outcomes and a connected future.

  1. In 2018 we exceeded expectations of how well the broader education and parent community had embraced our story of Teaching Success. We are so proud that the changes that our community wanted to see have been not only embraced and heartily acted upon, but became such a high profile story and example of how public education has the capacity to changes lives forever. You will need to set up a free username and password to watch it.
  2. Our growth data indicates that we are at the top of the state for growth from Year 9 to Year 12 in literacy and numeracy. This is well ahead of the state average making us a high growth high school.
  3. 100% of our ATAR students aspiring to university have gained entry in the last 4 years. This was recognised in the SMH last December 2017:
  4. We have been recognised by the local community and our peers as excelling in supporting student learning and have been included in both a research paper and case study on best practice. Articles and our podcast are available here:
  5. The Sydney Morning Herald has published two articles on our leading ‘Power Up’ literacy program. It is available here:
  6. Prestigious NSW Department of Education Secretary’s Award 2018 for Excellence in Education Power Up literacy program and Excellence in Education Supporting Student Learning
  7. Secretary’s Award for Excellence in Education Supporting Student Learning
  8. Australian College of Educators Award for Educational Excellence
  9. We have been invited to share the secret of our growth and success with schools across NSW including school leaders from the Hunter Valley, Windsor, Blue Mountains, Broader Newcastle, Grafton SEG and Sydney Principal and Directors’ Networks.
  10. On an international stage, educational leaders from The Hague in the Netherlands visited in February 2019 and 30 teachers in training from Texas University in the USA in March.
  11. Our principal was invited by The Gonski Institue to speak to school leaders across all sectors about how we have engaged with our community to create success.
  12. Our principal was also invited to participate in the Sydney Morning Herald Education Summit in February to participate in a panel that was streamed live on the topic of supporting student learning.